Welcome the New Year!

Yes, I realize it is already January 9th! My life has been a bit crazy, but I wanted to come on, and say, Happy New Year, to everyone!!

I have been working hard behind the scenes to improve Memory Mosaic. Let me just share a few things that “we” have been able to do. I say, “we”, because even though this is basically just me, myself and I, the things that I have accomplished in the last few months, and weeks, would never have happened, with out some very special people, sharing their talents, and abilities with me!

So to start off, you are viewing this post on my very own website. That would have NEVER happened, with out the work, and help from my very talented son-in-law. I am very grateful for the extra help and work he has done, to help me create this site.

Starting in October of last year, a friend started helping me go through my store, and really look at it. I made the decision to go through every kit, and re-vamp it… adding bits and pieces that were just “missing”. Also to do a through Quality Control Check, that I had not known how to do when I first started out. This resulted in discontinuing and elimating a ton of stuff. I am very happy with the products that are in the store now.

As we come to this new year. I have several goals and plans. I hope you will stick around and check the website and the store out on a regular basis to see what is new.

Blessings to you and yours in the coming year!


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