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Changes are part of life…

I hope this is finding each of you enjoying your summer.  We have had a busy few weeks.  As many of you may be aware, we are in the process of moving back to the US permanently from Ecuador.  This has been a process for all of us.  My Husband and I have been missionaires in Ecuador for 31 years.  Our 3 older girls all grew up in Ecuador, and our 3 younger children, have known no other life, except for the brief visits back to the US. 

This decision was  not made lightly and we are still seeking to know what God has for us here in the US.  I am grateful that through it all we can trust and fully know that our Heavenly Father, has good plans for us.  While we aren’t 100% sure what our future holds, we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is where we are suppose to be right now.  And we are so grateful for all those who have supported us in many, many ways.  Especially those who continue to lift us up in prayers.

While this decision has been a year in the making, our whole family just returned from 2 weeks in Ecuador the first of this month.  This was the first time for the kids and I to return since leaving 16 months ago, when my Mother suffered a massive stroke.  The two weeks were spent, pretty much non-stop, in sorting, packing, selling, and throwing away, a lifetime of accumlated “stuff”…  It was exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It was hard to walk in, and actually see many things just as we had left them, (with just a bit of dust on top of them. ☺) We had left in quite a hurry.  Receiving the news early Monday morning, March 26, 2018, and we were all on a plane Tuesday night, March 27….  At the time, we really didn’t have an idea what was before us.  So very thankful that none of this past year and a half came as a surprise to God!  As I titled this post, “Changes are part of life…”, I was thinking that all of us face changes, just sometimes, they are a lot bigger than we ever anticipated they would be.  I appreciate your prayers for our family as we walk through this tranisition.

I know that this is not the “normal” kind of post I put on this blog.  But, I wanted to just share a bit with you.  I will be continuing to design.  As I do other things, too.  I am presently trying to get myself organized again.  Hope to have something new to load to the store later this week, or early next week. 🙂 

February is coming…

It is hard to believe that February is just around the corner.  Our family is doing well, and settling into this life that God is opening up for us.  There are still a lot of unknowns, but we are so thankful for his love and provision for us.

I started the new year, realizing that I needed to make some time to take care of myself.  So far to that end, my husband and I have joined a local gym, and I have also been taking time out to get back into designing.  I am really excited about the new kits that I have in the store, or coming out this month.  I have already highlighted 3 of them on my blog, “Burlap and Lace“, “Burlap and Lace Winter Combo“, and “Yesteryear“…  I’m going to let you see the 3 Brand NEW kits, that are processing, to go live in the store in the next week to 10 days.   I have really enjoyed working on all 3 of them!

First I have a new “Add on” combo for Burlap and Lace.  It is “Burlap and Lace Valentine Pack” & should be live later this week.

This combo pack, adds a touch of “love” to my “Burlap and Lace” collection.
Then I also have a new kit, “You Stole My Heart”, that is set to go live on
January 31st.  It is just a fun Valentine kit.
The last one, is my “Love You” collection…
This one has a combo pack, a glitter alphabet and some fun 
plaid papers.  It will go live in the store on February 1!
Complete with lots of glitter, chocolates, stickers, 
paper flowers, and 3 valentines!

So stay tuned.  Be sure to keep checking back at the store for these new arrivals. 
Besides these Kits, I am also going to be involved in two Blog trains in February!  
Lots of love to go around. 🙂 
Don’t forget in the midst of all you do to take care of everyone else, 
make some time to take care of yourself.
More news soon…

Fall Break

Hi Scrapbooking Friends!

It is starting to look like Fall around here, with our yard filling up with leaves, and lot of pumpkin and scarecrow decorations around the neighborhood.  The temperature here in Tennessee, still doesn’t feel like Fall, as we have had really warm weather lately, but I think that will be changing soon.

In August we moved into our new house, (well new to us! 😉) I have been busy getting settled, and trying to help our family feel at home here.  We are so thankful for all that God has done for us in providing this place for our family.  We also have been able to get both of our dogs here from Ecuador, which was quite a miracle in itself.

Along with all of that, at the end of August we celebrated my Dad’s 80th Birthday.  This was a special time, I had been planning with my Mom for almost 2 years.  I am thankful that I was able to carry out many of the plans we had talked about.  It was bitter sweet, as it was the last thing I had been planning with her, so once it was done, it was like another chapter had ended.

Scrapbooking has had to take a back seat as I walked through all of these things.  I am excited to get things going again, and am hoping to have several new kits ready in the very near future.  Our family is on “Fall Break” right now, so I have taken some extra time, to get some sales and other things lined up for the rest of October through December.  Hope you will come back in the coming weeks, to see what is happening here at Memory Mosaic!

Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse into my world. 😊

This is a photo taken of my Sweetie, my Dad and myself, celebrating our anniversary.  It would have been my Mom and Dad’s 59th, and my Hubby and I were celebrating our 36th.

This was taken the day we closed on our house. 😊

Here we are with our whole family plus a dear family Friend, the day we celebrated my Dad’s 80th Birthday.  It was wonderful to have our 3 older daughters, and our 12 grandkids here!!

And since our grandkids were all together, we decided we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get a photo with Nana, Papa and all the kiddos… (I will admit that the photo shoot was pretty crazy, but it was fun, and we did get some great photos, thanks to one of my very talented daughters!!)

Here is a photo of the latest addition to our family… Odin, arrived last Sunday!  We were all so excited to have him back with us!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  I will be back in a few days with some Scrapbooking updates.


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