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Photo Editing Programs and Digital Scrapbooking

In the post about Digital Scrapbooking software, I shared links and information about 3 very affordable, Digital Scrapbooking specific programs.  These programs are awesome and for many, they do everything you would want to do.  

A lot of people though, who love digital scrapbooking, use Photo Editing Software to make their layouts.  These tend to be a bit more pricey, but then they also give you more creative ability.  The other side, is that they also all come with a bit of a learning curve.  There are many different options when looking at photo editing software.  There are free versions all the way up to the Grand Daddy of them all, Photoshop!  In this post, I am just going to focus on 3.  

Most of them have a 30 day FREE trial period, where you can download the product and try it out for 30 days.  When I was first starting out this is what I did.  I tried, out a couple programs, working with only one at time, and then made the decision of which program I wanted to go with.  Each program will have tutorials on their websites, but the problem with most of these, is that they are geared to Photo Editing, and not Digital Scrapbooking.  So I am going to post some links below for a few sites I have found that offer FREE program specific, Digital Scrapbooking tutorials.  

Here are the programs I am focusing on: 

GIMP, (which is actually a FREE photo editing program).  You can find GIMP here if you would like to check it out. 

Here is link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials, using GIMP

Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is a great program with a lot of great features.  You can find a link here to purchase, or download a free trial.   

Here is a link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials, using Photoshop Elements:

Paint Shop Pro, is the first photo editing program I tried.  It is also a great program, with tons of great features.  I have many designer friends who use it and love it.  You can find a link here to purchase or download a free trial. 

Here is a link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials using Paint Shop Pro
There are lots of classes and tutorials out there that you can sign up for. Just google for them.  I came across tons, but I’m not going to link them to this page, just because I haven’t personally taken any of them and I don’t know how they are.
The most important thing is to just jump in and have fun.  Once you get some basics down of how your program works, you will learn the most, just by playing with it.  So jump in and have some fun! 😉
If you find some good tutorials and would like to share, feel free to add links in the comments.  🙂

*NOTE:  Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro can be purchased from a lot of different places.  I purchased both of mine from Amazon.  If you do the Free trial from the company, you don’t have to purchase the program from them.  Shop around for the best deal! 🙂
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