We all have a story. Have you told yours? Scrapbooking is a great way to tell your story for future generations. This year, I have started a series and will release a new kit on the 3rd Friday of every month. These kits are made with lots of prompts and unique elements to help you tell your story. On the 4th Friday of the month, I will be releasing a 12 page, (10 pages, plus front and back cover) Photo Album Template using that month’s kit, which is a super easy way for you to get started sharing your story, if it just feels overwhelming to you. Check back each month to see the new kit and theme. These kits will always be 50% off Friday-Monday, when they release.


This is the 8th in my limited “Scrap Your Stories” series & it focuses on our life as a homemaker. What is your decorating style? Favorite recipes? How do you celebrate special days and holidays? What do you do to make your house a “home”?

Included in this kit:

• 100 elements
• 48 character alphabet set
• 30 background papers



This is the 7th in my “Scrap Your Stories” series & it focuses on our work. What was your first job? What did you make a career doing? Did you have a favorite boss? Who are the friends you made at work? Our work is a part of our lives that our family often knows little about, so scrap your story and share the memories with them.
Included in this kit:

• 85 elements
• 74 character alphabet set
• 30 background papers


Scrap Your Stories (Friends)

This is the 6th in my “Scrap Your Stories” series & it focuses on your friends. Childhood Friends, College Friends, Life-long Friends. Everyone has touched our life in a unique way and left their mark. Who are friends that have impacted your life over the years?Scrap your unique story.
Included in this product
• 30 background papers
• 90 elements
• 72 character alphabet set


Scrap Your Stories (Nurturer)

This is  the 5th in my “Scrap Your Stories” series & it focuses on how you have been a nurturer & how you have been nurtured. We all have been mentors/nurturers, to our children, to our families, to our grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, pets… We also all have people in our lives who have mentored us.  Scrap your unique story. 


Scrap Your Stories (Celebrations)

This kit focuses on all the celebrations of life. Every family has their special traditions and fun memories of those special days and events in your family.


Scrap Your Stories (On My Own)

This kit focuses on the years from 18-24…. Going to college, first job, first apartment, living on your own. Everything you need to scrap all those special memories.


Scrap Your Stories (Soulmate)

This kit give you everything you need to help tell your love story. From first meeting through all the years together.

Here is some inspiration for you from my CT. They went a totally different direction than I was thinking, but I love their creativity! 🙂


Scrap Your Stories (Childhood)

This kit gives you everything you need to help you tell your story from birth-highschool. It is a great place to start! 🙂

Here are few layout inspirations using this delightful kit.

Here is the Photo Album template…